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A leading specialist investor and manager of high-quality logistics property across Europe
With 18 years of expertise acquiring, managing and developing high-quality commercial real estate on behalf of institutional investors concentrated around Europe’s largest conurbations, Clarion Europe seeks to be a partner of choice for businesses of all shapes and sizes requiring space to meet rapidly evolving customer and consumer demand.
"Our strategy is focused on providing modern and sustainable assets located in Europe’s most dynamic markets with access to infrastructure and population centers, where we believe we can achieve an attractive combination of rental and capital growth."

— Alistair Calvert, CEO Clarion Partners Europe

Clarion Europe
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Our View: Why European logistics?

Whilst global online sales are growing at a double-digit rate, dramatically accelerated by the global pandemic, a surprising number of Continental Europe’s large economies have relatively low e-commerce penetration rates, and the current build out of e-commerce infrastructure reflects this.
Due to structural supply barriers such as rigid zoning policies and limited land available for development, combined with a high total population and population density, Europe is primed to see robust logistics real estate expansion and investment opportunities.


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Our development capabilities

We believe logistics developments provide an attractive risk-return opportunity compared to standing assets.


Clarion Partners Europe has a track record of developing modern logistics across Europe.


Opportunity to deliver brand-new, institutional assets 


Long-standing relationships with developers across Europe often offer early access to high-quality developments 



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Acquisition criteria

Clarion Partners Europe is a pan-European investor and manager of income-producing real estate assets with a focus on logistics and light industrial properties. It acquires assets subject to existing leases, invests through sale-leaseback transactions and funds build-to-suit and speculative developments. The assets are typically of strategic importance to the underlying tenant.



Existing leased properties and portfolios, build-to-suits and speculative developments, sale-leasebacks



Logistics, light industrial and manufacturing, special purpose assets (eg. cold storage, food processing etc.)


tenant credit types

Focus on strong, durable tenants, will consider investment grade, non-investment grade and unrated tenants


target deal type

10 million EUR or higher



Europe (predominantly France, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Italy, Nordics, CEE & UK)



Typically few tenants or single tenant

Responsible investing

We believe environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles are vital to our overall fund strategy and consider such principles in our investment decisions. We believe the consideration of ESG factors not only enhances the value of our portfolio, but also provides a path forward to a more sustainable and equitable future. 

Learn more about Clarion Europe's ESG PolicyDownload Clarion Europe's PASI Statement

Our properties

Clarion Partners Europe owns and operates a diversified stock of institutional grade logistics assets. 

Our leadership team

Clarion Partners Europe has an expert team of seasoned logistics professionals delivering institutional deal execution and asset management. 

Our European offices

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Clarion Partners Europe footprint: owned & managed by market

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Investment in real estate is speculative and involves significant risk. For more information about certain of the material risks and limitations associated with Clarion Partners’ investment advisory products, strategies and services, please see Clarion’s current Form ADV Part 2A brochure, which is available on the SEC’s Investment Adviser Public Disclosure website at Investors should consider their investment objectives, and it is strongly suggested that the reader seek his or her own independent advice in relation to any investment, financial, legal, tax, accounting or regulatory risks and evaluate their own risk tolerance before investing.

This material does not constitute investment advice, nor does it constitute an offer in any product or strategy offered by Clarion Partners LLC or Clarion Partners Europe, and should not be viewed as a current or past recommendation to buy or sell any securities. Any specific investment referenced may or may not be held in a Clarion Partners client account. It should not be assumed that any investment, in any property or other asset, was or will be profitable.

All Clarion Partners LLC and Clarion Partners Europe statistics, data and charts, including but not limited to assets under management (AUM), ESG data, sector data and property data, as well as data related to our investors, tenants and employees, are as of March 31, 2024 unless otherwise noted.

Photos used in this website were selected based on visual appearance, are used for illustrative purposes only, and are not necessarily reflective of all the investments in a Clarion fund or portfolio or the investments a Clarion fund or portfolio will make in the future.

Risks Related To Environmental, Social, And Governance (“ESG”) Matters. Clarion Partners Europe can choose, in its discretion, whether to take into account ESG considerations in its investment decision-making, as and to the extent consistent with its fiduciary obligations, applicable law, and the relevant governing documents and investment management agreements of its clients (as applicable). In certain circumstances, due to ESG considerations, Clarion Partners Europe may not make or not recommend the making of investments when it would otherwise have done so, which could adversely affect the performance of a client’s portfolio. On the other hand, Clarion Partners Europe may determine not to take such considerations into account. The extent to which Clarion Partners Europe takes ESG considerations into account varies from client portfolio to client portfolio, based on, among other things, the portfolio’s investment objective, investment strategies, and investment restrictions, as outlined in the relevant governing documents and investment management agreements of its clients (as applicable) as well as applicable law.

Clarion Partners Europe is dependent upon ESG information and data obtained through voluntary or third-party reporting that may be incomplete, inaccurate, or unavailable, which could cause Clarion Partners Europe to incorrectly assess a potential investment’s ESG attributes and/or related risks and opportunities. While ESG is only one of the many factors Clarion Partners Europe might consider in making an investment, there is no guarantee that Clarion Partners Europe will consider such factors at all or that Clarion Partners Europe will successfully implement and make investments that create positive ESG impact while enhancing value and achieving financial returns. ESG initiatives may not achieve the desired financial and social results, or the market or society may not view any such changes as desirable. Any successful engagement efforts on the part of Clarion Partners Europe will depend, in part, on Clarion Partners Europe’s skill in properly identifying and analyzing material ESG data and factors, and their potential impact on value. There can be no assurance that any ESG techniques employed will be successful.


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